Earthwork Construction

Site development is at the heart of our practice. Our Geotechnical engineers located throughout Georgia including Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Columbus and Augusta provides experienced field engineers and technicians who have learned to work closely with project team members within earthwork construction testing, inspection compaction testing and site monitoring services. As project site construction proceeds our Georgia geotechnical engineers provide you with a stream of testing data and inspection information needed to know that each element is in accordance with design intent and detail.

The members of our geotechnical engineering firm have become experts in earthwork construction testing engineers, inspection compaction engineering services as well as, over the years we have become an unparalleled experts at precision site monitoring geotechnical engineering services.


A development site contained several unconsolidated deposits in drainage basins which had been identified in extent. These features were not economically removable and predicted compressions of several inches would occur. Working closely with the contractor our field personnel tested the quality of the filled embankment over these soft soils. Periodic surveys following embankment construction measured the behavior and settlement of the ground until it was a negligible amount and construction could proceed with routine foundations.

Our Geotechnical Engineers Atlanta are experienced in the technical creativity required to execute the myriad requirements of earthwork construction testing and earthwork construction inspection. With a wide-ranging history in compaction testing, site monitoring services, and more, our Geotechnical Engineers Columbus are here to help with your most frustrating questions. Call 678-409-5924 for more information.