Foundation Inspection

To our Georgia based geotechnical engineers, foundation construction documentation is a key element to each successful geotechnical engineering project that we take on. We reliably confirm that the completed material is in place on or into the required bearing stratum as designed. Foundation construction is frequently complicated by anomalies in the site conditions and changes in soils brought about by construction disturbance, weathering and other risk factors. If unforeseen complications do arise our Georgia foundation inspection geotechnical engineers have the experience needed to find the most fitting solution quickly.


When loose foundation bearing soils are detected during routine foundation inspection alternatives are usually available to remedy the condition. At a footing for a large residence weak compressible soils were found over a third of the construction area. In this case the foundation contractor maintained his own specialty equipment for drilling open piers. A range of alternatives were studied while at the site. It quickly was apparent that a simple pier system beneath some of the footings was the most economical and timely solution. The details were designed while on site and the construction proceeded without a schedule interruption. Our engineers enable owners and contractors to handle foundation construction surprises with ease.

The Geotechnical Engineers Atlanta at GGE are experienced with the many distinctive challenges that foundation inspection routinely reveals. Our Geotechnical Engineers Augusta and our Geotechnical Engineers Macon constantly encounter and solve the many challenges presented by Georgia’s unique topography during foundation inspection and footing inspection. To speak with our head engineer about your inspection needs, please call: 678-409-5924