Site Exploration:

Subsurface conditions often are complex. Thorough exploration and analysis conducted by our experienced engineers provides the project planning information your designers need to reduce in-ground cost and associated risk. We communicate closely with team members as site characteristics are developed and reporting is completed. The latest advances in site exploration techniques are available along with our decades of experience and service.


Today’s property market place is riddled with numerous fully developed sites lacking complete documentation because of ownership changes. Exploration techniques are used to obtain data to delineate the subsurface conditions on these pregraded sites. These may include test borings and test pits, geophysical methods and advanced in situ soil testing. High quality data is relatively economical for the information it provides your decision makers in a previously unknown condition on a prospective property purchase.

Georgia Geotechnical performed a limited subsurface exploration at the properties identified as SC Lane Site Two. This work was performed in accordance with the budget. A typical report of subsurface exploration follows.

Background Information

XYZ Homes is contemplating purchase of property on SC Lane in north east Cobb County, Georgia to develop streets and residential lots. We have received a copy of the preliminary concept plan for the proposed development. The development will consist of detached single-family residences.

The land is rolling ridges and swales typical of the Southern Piedmont Physiographic Province. Drainage is primarily to the west from higher elevations along SC Lane. The site is partially covered with mature trees and partially pastured. Four residences are present on four different parcels and several garages and sheds. A small pond is located at the southwest corner of the site.

The site grading scheme is currently being designed, and therefore, final grades are not fixed. However, based on typical requirements and the amount of relief which is present it appears mass excavation on the order of ten to fifteen feet is required. Depths of maximum fill are not known at this time, but are expected to be on the order of ten feet.

Our site exploration engineers have a wide and deep knowledge of all the technical nuances related to test borings, soil exploration, and other technical processes related to site exploration. If you would like to learn more about the site exploration services provided by our Geotechnical Engineers Atlanta or Geotechnical Engineers Columbus, please call: 678-409-5924.