Founded by Jim Ringo, Georgia Geotechnical Engineering is a full service Georgia based firm that provides all elements that encompass geotechnical engineering. Our geographic engineering expertise spans Atlanta geotechnical engineers, Augusta geotechnical engineers, Savannah, Columbus, Macon geotechnical engineers.

Site Exploration Engineers:

Our Georgia geotechnical engineers provide our clients with all each and every element that encompasses site exploration engineering. These services include test borings, soil exploration engineers, geotechnical engineering services and our Georgia based soil testing engineering experts.

Site Planning Engineers:

Our Augusta and Atlanta site planning engineering services assist our geotechnical engineering clients throughout the State including Savannah geotechnical engineers with all site planning and site planning related needs.

Foundation Consulting and Design Engineering Firm Georgia:

The geotechnical engineers in our Atlanta headquartered engineering firm provide accurate, effective and thorough soil engineering services, subsurface analysis engineering expertise and foundation design throughout Augusta geotechnical engineers, Columbus, Macon and more.

Earthwork Construction Testing Engineers:

The Atlanta based geotechnical engineers at Georgia Geotechnical provide compaction testing engineering services as well as experience based site monitoring geotechnical engineering services.

Foundation Inspection Engineers Georgia:

In conjunction with the above services, our Atlanta geotechnical engineers are able to swiftly execute foundation inspection engineering services, as well as footing inspection engineering services. Regardless of what your geotechnical engineering needs are, our team is here to help.