James E. Ringo, P.E.


Geotechnical Consulting and Project Management


M.E./Civil Engineering/University of Florida
B.S.C.E./Civil Engineering/University of Florida
B.A./University of Florida


Professional Engineer - Georgia
ICC Building Inspector


Mr. Ringo formed Georgia Geotechnical LLC in January, 2003 and Georgia Geotechnical Engineering LLC in August, 2010. Previously Mr. Ringo served at the Atlanta Branch of Law Engineering Companies and at Schnabel Engineering Associates. His experience includes consulting, analysis, design and construction site responsibility for earthwork and foundation projects and construction material quality control. Responsibilities involve geotechnical consulting, foundation design, monitoring of foundation construction, project management and engineering review for development projects in commercial, residential, industrial and public works sectors.
Manages Geotechnical Explorations - Proposal preparation and client negotiations
- Planning and execution
- Technical review, report preparation
- Cost responsibility
- Design development consulting for major or difficult projects
Projects have included commercial and manufacturing facilities, high rise office towers, academic buildings, earth dams, tie-back walls, elevated tanks, and residential subdivisions. Over-seas experience includes investigations for a water supply system, a one square mile port and academic complex, and a set of eight microwave tower sites.
Manages Quality Control Services
for Major Construction Projects
- Earthwork monitoring
- Foundation Construction
- Reinforced concrete inspection and quality control
Shallow and Deep Foundation
Construction Monitoring
- Partially submerged sands to hard rock foundations
- Office towers of over 50 stories on shallow footings
- Mixed use towers of over 50 stories on mat foundations
- Open shaft drilled pier inspection on more than 30 projects
- Installation of piles on more than 20 projects
- Installation of numerous permanent tie-back anchor walls
Provides Blasting Vibration Consultation
and Blast Monitoring Services
- United Parcel Service World Headquarters
- Promenade Phase II at ATT Longlines Regional Headquarters
- IBM Tower at Atlantic Center
- Inforum Project
- A historic Oakland Cemetery Structure
Home Depot Headquarters
- BankAmerica Regional Headquarters
- Provided expert testimony in civil litigation cases regarding blasting damage claims


Various Residential Development Projects: Several metropolitan Atlanta single family residential subdivisions have been the subject of Mr. Ringo’s geotechnical exploration and construction consulting services. This work includes project planning and initial foundation condition consulting and quality control services during foundation construction.
Galleria Office Complex, Cobb County, Georgia: Ten and 20 story office towers and deck structures for Childress Klein Properties. Tower foundations utilize pier and footing combinations including deep footing excavation methods. Mr. Ringo has provided geotechnical consulting for four projects at the complex, two presently in design development.
191 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia: Fifty-two story office tower and 10 story deck structures for Gerald D. Hines Interests. Consulting included foundation analysis and design recommendations for pier and footing combination scheme, permanent dewatering design, temporary bracing design review.
The Home Depot, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia: Sixty-plus acre Hope Depot Headquarters. Mr. Ringo provided geotechnical consultation, construction testing, and inspection and earthwork quality control testing. Technical aspects included site geotechnical exploration and foundation recommendations, foundation installation inspection, drill and pier load test monitoring, earthwork quality control testing. The foundation system utilized drilled piers and footings for the most economical use of variable bearing conditions. The client benefited from a technically advanced and economical deep foundation design.
Southern Bell Regional Headquarters, Charlotte, North Carolina: Fifteen story office tower on 7 story parking structure. Provided foundation engineering analysis and design recommendations for drilled piers on rock permanent dewatering design, temporary bracing design review.
First Union Tower, 6th Street, Charlotte, North Carolina: Thirty story office tower for Childress-Klein. Consulting included senior review of foundation analysis and design recommendations for drilled piers and permanent dewatering design.
North Point Complex, Alpharetta, Georgia: Commercial-retail and office building site of 250 plus acres owned by Cousins Properties, Inc. Development included mass grading, infrastructure construction and road construction. Mr. Ringo provided geotechnical consultation and construction quality monitoring during the year-long, 24 hour-a-day schedule.
Spring Street Viaduct, Atlanta, Georgia: A major North-South artery in downtown Atlanta. Mr. Ringo provided geotechnical exploration and foundation recommendations for deep foundation drilled piers on this project for the City of Atlanta. The most suitable type of foundation as selected based on a matrix of criteria. The client received an economic solution for a foundation design in a complex and congested urban setting.
North Point Market, Alpharetta, Georgia: Sixty acre complex on a poor soil site. Prolonged bad weather caused a long delay during site work. The original schedule included several months for weak silt consolidation. Time of placement consolidation rate data was obtained to confirm the duration for primary compression. Analysis showed primary settlement would be complete during the foundation construction schedule. Secondary settlement magnitudes were judged to be acceptable. As a result, construction proceeded as scheduled without delay or additional cost.
GLG Center, Atlanta, Georgia: A 50 plus story, mixed occupancy, reinforced concrete tower and deck for LG-Consult USA. Project Manager for inspection services including monitoring of temporary excavation bracing blast vibration recording, and mat foundation inspection.
Promenade II, Atlanta, Georgia: A 38 story office tower and a 14 story parking deck for American Telephone and Telegraph/Landmarks Group, Inc. Project Manager for construction services including analysis and review of temporary excavation stability, blasting vibration monitoring and consultation, foundation inspections, floor flatness data and concrete quality control testing.
Atlantic Center IBM Tower, Atlanta, Georgia: A 53 story tower for Cadillac-Fairview Urban Development in Atlanta, Georgia. Project Engineer for construction services including inspection of foundations, uplift rock anchor testing, basement and foundation level reinforcement inspection and blasting vibration monitoring.
First Union Commons, Tryon Street, Charlotte, North Carolina: Project manager for geotechnical consulting and construction monitoring. Aspects of the project include 45-foot deep excavation in rock and soil mixed conditions. He provided underpinning design for support of an adjacent 7-story parking deck that abuts the excavation face, as well as design for temporary and permanent dewatering systems and alternative deep foundation systems.
Krannert Center, Berry College, Rome, Georgia: This structure underwent sudden damaging subsidence due to an active limestone sinkhole. Provided geotechnical analysis and interpretation of the subsurface conditions during emergency stabilization grouting. Further consulting, interpretation, analysis and design services were provided during the prolonged grout stabilization, underpinning, and reconstruction of the three story building.


American Society of Civil Engineers
International Code Council


Sinkhole Remediation Beneath a Damaged Structure, Proceedings ASCE
Geo-Institute, June, 2001, Blacksburg, VA